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2 531 m2 / 27 243 ft2

This sound stage can be divided into three sections. Ideal for commercials, photo shots as well as small film project shooting.

Stage 2 shares a common wall with Stage 1 and is divided into three large sections. It is connected with Stage 1 with gates for equipment and material transport.The lower ceiling height lends itself to a multitude of different uses including a construction prep area, a staging area for extras and storage areas. In addition, the stage has served well for insert stage and cover sets.

Supporting facilities include a large entry gate on the both sides of stage that allows for the manipulation of technical equipment, the delivery of sets, and the entry of automobiles including trucks.

2A: 409 m2
2B: 910 m2
2C: 1 204 m2


LENGHT: 93,4 m / 311′2″
WIDTH: 27,1 m / 88′11″
AREA: 2 531 m2 / 27 243 ft2
DOOR HEIGHT: 4 m / 13′1″
CHORD HEIGHT: 7,4 m / 24′3″
TRUSS HEIGHT: 4,5 m / 14′9″