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2 953 m2 / 31 786 ft2

Concrete floor with unlimited load capacity allows to build sets of any size.

Stage 1 is interconnected with adjacent office area of 481 m2 / 5 180 ft2 as well as neighboring Stage 2 which can be also used as background area for production in Stage 1 such as catering, workshops, storages.

A riging grid system that allows counterweights and sets to be suspended.

Supporting facilities include a large entry gate that allows for the manipulation of technical equipment, the delivery of sets, and the entry of automobiles including trucks.

The stage has its own heating system, air ventilation, system, fire and security alarm. Wi-Fi coverage available.

The Stage 1 has its own gantry which allows better manipulation for set construction.


LENGHT: 94,7 m / 310′8″
WIDTH: 31,2 m / 102′4″
AREA: 2 953 m2 / 31 786 ft2
DOOR HEIGHT: 5 m / 16′-5″
CHORD HEIGHT: 13,1 M / 43′0″
TRUSS HEIGHT: 9,1 M / 29′10″