With the groundbreaking ceremony on October 26th, Prague Studios begins construction of two new film stages on their backlot. Upon completion, there will be a total of five stages in the well-known Prague Studios, these newest two complementing three existing studio spaces. In addition, Prague Studios will be upgrading their current studio spaces and facilities and giving the grounds a facelift, making it an appealing environment for top-tier international productions. The new studios are slated to be finished by April 2018.

“Thanks to recent film incentives, the Czech Republic has reappeared on the film world map. Demand for stagespace is growing,“ stated producer Tomas Krejci, owner of Prague Studios. “We already have pencils for the new stages for 2018, for both films and TV serials,“ added Jindrich Guttner, General Manager.

The Prague Studios complex is built on the site of a former military aircraft factory. In 2001, three spacious hangars were converted into film stages. The most significant asset of these studios just 10 minutes from the center of Prague is that, from the very beginning, they were built “by filmmakers for filmmakers.“

Currently, the overall area covers 325,000 ft2 and includes Stage 1 (32,500 ft2), Stage 2 (27,000 ft2), Stage 5 (11,000 ft2) plus all appropriate facilities. The new stages, Stage 3 (14,000 ft2) and Stage 4 (14,000 ft2), will be inter-connectable and will include adjacent offices, makeup rooms, wardrobe spaces, catering, workshops and storage areas. Prague Studios will thus be able to comfortably accommodate any size of Hollywood film or TV production.

Productions from all over the world are heading to Prague Studios and many of those are returning customers. Visiting crews say they appreciate the full service and first-class conditions. As legendary Star Wars producer Rick McCallum put it: “We shot the Lucasfilm feature ‘Red Tails’ and the TV series ‘Britannia’ for Sky and Amazon in Prague Studios and it was a fantastic experience. It was very refreshing to work in a studio that really understood our needs and was able to adjust to them flexibly. The local team swiftly reacted to every request and was proactive in resolving problems. Prague Studios will always have a place in my heart.“ McCallum, who has shot in the studios several times in the past, has already booked them for his next project.

Prague Studios has seen many greats come through its doors including Children of Dune (2002), Van Helsing (2003), AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004), Wanted (2007), Red Tails (2015), The Adventurers (2016), Underworld: Blood Wars (2016), Brittania (2017) and numerous other titles, not to mention dozens of commercial set builds created every year.