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As the film industry returns to the Czech Republic to take advantage of favorable film incentives, great production value and low set construction costs, Prague Studios builds two new state-of-the-art sound stages. Find out more >>


Prague Studios provides state of the art facilities, film and TV stages, production offices and a top notch communications infrastructure.

Since its inception in 1999, Prague Studios, together with traditional Barrandov Studios is the main attraction in Prague for international productions, big or small. American and European producers of feature films, TV shows, commercials and music videos are taking advantage of our high production value and low cost options by shooting in Prague. We are proud of our film credits and our testimonials from distinguished filmmakers around the world.

Besides full-service production facilities,  Prague offers a wealth of talented and skilled crews and premium filming locations. On top of that Czech Government’s Film Industry Support Programme is offering international productions a rebate of 20% of eligible production costs spent in the Czech Republic.

Prague Studios Sound Stages

Built by filmmakers for filmmakers

All stages were converted from airplane hangars of a former aircraft factory. Our investment at the beginning of the 21th century allows filmmakers to make any size of film and TV productions. Prague Studios was built by filmmakers for filmmakers.

We guarantee a quick professional response 24/7

Pleasant production offices with a total area of 1 218 m2 / 13 110 ft2 are equipped with standard office furniture and all current communication facilities, and are directly adjacent to the stages. These facilities also include make-up rooms, dressing rooms, camera and prop rooms and catering rooms. They also provide plenty of storage space.

Prague Studios is a newer version of the more traditional Barrandov Studios, sound stages offered in Prague. Our fully trained and experienced staff can assist you with anything you might need.

Stages 1 & 2

Stages 1 & 2

Stage 3 & 4

Stage 3 & 4

Stage 5

Stage 5

The Sound Stages with a total area of 7 401 m2 / 79 650 ft2 have separate controls for heating and cooling systems. The energy supply meets top-standard lighting requirements. The stages’ concrete floors are able to handle large loads, so that your film sets are not limited.

New Stages

Two Sound Stages with a  total area of 2 400 m2 / 25 840 ft2 and adjacent offices with a total area of 1 150 m2 / 12 380 ft2 are under construction and will be available in 2014.

For a high–budget movie like “Red Baron” the Prague Studios were more than perfect. Best infrastructures, enough spaces and close to downtown. We trusted the management and got exactly what we had expected. Good to know for next productions.
— Stephan Bart, producer
Our experience at Prague Studios on Red Tails was fantastic.  It was refreshing to work with a studio who really understood our needs and offered the flexibility to make everything work as we needed it to.  Olda and his team responded promptly to every request and were pro–active in solving problems.  I would come back to Prague Studios in a heartbeat.
— Richard McCallum, producer



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