Fb Inst


1 250 m2 / 13 464 ft2

Brand new sound stage with a concrete floor with unlimited load capacity allows to build sets of any size.

A rigging grid system that allows counterweights and sets to be suspended.

Removable wall allows joining with the twin Stage 4 of the same size, which creates a space that is 80 meters long.

Large entry gate allows the manipulation of technical equipment, the delivery of sets, and the entry of trucks.

The stage is adjacent to a high-quality technical area, which is designated primarily for set handling.

The stage is directly interconnected with office area.


LENGTH: 40 m / 131 ft
WIDTH: 30 m / 98 ft
AREA: 1 250,9 m2 / 13 464 ft2

OFFICE AREA: 560 m2 / 6 027 ft2